The Earl Grey Collection

Just how, when, and where the first Earl Grey tea was created is a mystery. It is to be named after Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, British Prime Minister in the 1830s. It was probably a gift as gift as a result of his ending the monopoly held by the East India Company on trade between Britain and China. A "Grey's Tea" is known from the 1850s, but the first known published references to an "Earl Grey" tea are in the 1880s.

Regardless, this classic blend of black tea and bergamot essential oil has evolved at Aromatica into an extended family. For the first time we are showcasing the stars of the clan in a curated collection.

This collection consists of 20 grams (enough for a generous couple of tea pots) each of Earl Grey Manhattan, Earl Grey Cream, Earl Grey Raspberry, and Earl Grey Lavender. It comes in a customized gift box.  These teas are some of the most popular in our inventory!

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