Morning Moringa Leaf Powder - Matcha Style

Contains only pure Organic Moringa Oliefera. 

Note: THIS IS NOT GREEN TEA MATCHA! Moringa Oliefera is a wholly different plant than Camillia Sinensis (the tea plant).  It is sometimes called the "Horseradish Tree" because its roots taste like horseradish.  Our product is made from the leaves rather than the roots, but it still can have a bit of a spicy bite.  It is a grassy, herbal leaf that yields a dark green cup. It is pungent and piquant.  Once you acquire a taste for it you can recognize the superior quality of the Moringa we have sourced. 

Owner's Transparency Statement: I've been drinking Moringa regularly for two years and though I am evangelistic about it's benefits I have to admit it is something I drink as a functional tea, not as a tea to savour during a conversation with friends or with meals.

Our certified organic Moringa is sourced from India and produced at #100 mesh which means it is as fine as green tea matcha.  Perfect addition to smoothies, but this fine sieve means our Moringa has NO gritty texture as is common to most moringas.   It is so smooth that we drink it all by itself as an herbal "matcha" drink.  Our Moringa has a neutral taste with a slight bit of heat.

Used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine, Moringa has been shown to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb.  It is a source of vegetable protein and according to nutritional analysis may be the most nutrient-dense raw whole food on the planet.

Runners Alert: I drink tablespoon of Moringa powder made "matcha style" at the end of training runs and notice definite benefits in recovery and minimizing sore muscles.  Short runs are not as noticeable, but anything over 10 kilometers and I feel the benefits.  It is a perfect source of protein for post-run recovery.

No caffeine.

How to use:

Add 1 tsp to a small cup of hot water.  Whisk vigorously until smooth, just as you would a green tea matcha.  Drink immediately, no brew time required.  For smoothies add the Moringa powder directly to your smoothie as is, no need to brew first.

Note: always check with your health-care provider before incorporating herbs into your diet as they may affect medications.  Do not use Moringa during pregnancy.  

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