People often ask how we come up with the inspiration for our teas. It's always different, but this is the story of the most recent blend:

An international customer asked if we could blend a tea for her local politician who is organizing special events to celebrate the Centennial of the Suffrage movement in the US. The request was for a unique blend to be served at EqualiTEA Parties.

The requested profile was " a Grey of some sort.. it's refined, very tea-party -perhaps Raspberry Earl Grey because the berry would make it more locally inspired." And "roses and sunflowers were symbols of the suffrage movement... so could they be included too ... THIS is how INSPIRATION starts ...

So on May 21, 2020 we shipped about 1000 cups of EqualiTEA to Wyoming which was the first state in the US to give women the right to vote. Wyoming did it 50 years before it became a constitutional amendment.

The town of Jackson is particularly proud to record that in 1920 it not only had one of the first all-female town councils, it also had a woman as town marshal!

Sometimes when we blend something for a particular place or reason, it is truly special to us. This request made me realize that without the work done by those early women, I might not be "allowed" to have a tea business, let alone blend tea.

The tea is EqualiTEA, a blend of Ceylon black tea, raspberries, vanilla, rose petals, natural flavouring, bergamot, cornflower, sunflower, and mallow blossoms.  It's a liberating experience!

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