Bath Salts

Baths scented with herbal and floral aromatics have been used for centuries to calm the soul, invigorate the senses, and soothe tired and achy bodies.

Slip into the warmth and inhale the aroma of your own private get-away.  Fell the goodness caress you as you lay back to let yourself unwind.

Aromatica Bath Salts are a blend of epsom and fine sea salt.  Epsom has been used for generations to cal irritated skin and soothe tired muscles.  Sea salt is a natural source of minerals and trace elements that you skin thrives on. No preservatives or synthetic scents added.

We add a blend of fresh fragrance of essential oil to enhance the experience.  Pamper deserve it.

Choose from three sensual blends:

  • Bedtime - scented with lavender, sandalwood, and clove essential oils.
  • Calming - scented with lavender, Dalmatian sage, and mandarin essential oils.
  • Yoga - scented with patchouli, rosewood, and frankincense essential oils.

16 oz. in resealable pouch.