Apeldoorn's House Blend

09.09.21 -Due to supply chain problems, Apeldoorn's is currently out of stock. We expect this shortage to be resolved in 4-6 weeks.  Be assured we will get Apeldoorn's back in stock as quickly as we can possibly get the teas needed to blend it.

Handcrafted by Aromatica Fine Teas in Chilliwack, BC, blended by hand in small batches.  Created for Apeldoorn's Fine Baking here in Chilliwack, British Columbia.  A creamy ginger cinnamon black tea.  Second flush Assam black tea, ginger pieces, vanilla, cinnamon, flavour.

“Wow, a lovely surprise. Dessert, vanilla custard, apple spice black tea.”

Zeta Newis, Tea Sparrow

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