We are glad to assist either new businesses to establish a loose leaf tea inventory or existing businesses to expand their tea offerings. Along with our ten years’ experience in the industry we are completing requirements for Certified Tea Professional certification through the Tea Association of Canada.

Along with our own original blends, Aromatica is the Western Canada distributor for Florapharm Teas (Germany).

We can assist with private labeling, quantity purchases, custom blends for your store or restaurant, and tea education/consultation, packaging, infusers, and a limited line of mugs and tea pots.

Please direct all wholesale inquiries and requests Attn: Karen
Phone (604) 703-1178       Email aromaticafine@gmail.com
Wholesale website: aromaticawholesale.com


For Wholesale Pricing:

  1. To receive wholesale pricing you must provide either a copy of your municipal business license or your PST/GST number.
  2. Minimum Wholesale Orders: $100 initial and subsequent orders.
  3. Wholesale teas are supplied in sealed one kilogram foil packs from the following manufacturers:
  • We also do small batch custom blending.  Contact Karen for pricing.
  • We supply a limited range of retail packaging and supplies to qualified buyers. (Bags, labels, Finum filters, infuser baskets, and tea pots.)

  • Retail Resale:

    1. For retail resale we supply teas with Aromatica labels, or your own custom labels.
    2. Custom labels are printed on sheets of 18 labels for each tea. A one-time design fee of $50 is required for custom labels.
    3. Quotes for Co-Packing are based on a minimum of 12 retail packs per tea and are subject to $100 minimum orders.

    For Micro businesses that do not qualify for wholesale pricing, we can supply one pound packs of our teas for a discounted retail price. Orders over $100 receive a further 20% off retail pricing.

    Thank you!