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  • Aromatica was inspired by love of tea which motivated us  to create our own tea business in which enjoying the finer flavours in life is the base line. 
  • To serve you better we are completing course work through the Tea Association of Canada to qualify for Tea Sommelier certification.  This will ensure we have thorough knowledge of all teas, experience in selecting fine teas, expertise in blending technique, skill in tea & food pairing, and grounding in industry best practices.
  • We also each hold a certificate in Tea Blending from Victoria Bisogno, Argentinian tea sommelier, founder of El Club Del Te, and co-author with Jane Pettigrew of the Tea Sommelier Manual.
  • Since 2005 we've been bringing the best we can find ( or making it ourselves ) from the the tasty worlds of tea, seasonings, sugars & honeys, soups, soaps, skin care and tea brewing equipment.
  • Please explore our online store and if possible, explore our physical store, located in Chilliwack, BC.
    We'd love to be your hosts in an exploration of tastes, sensations and delight!
    You will see some things you might not expect.  Tea and food go together, but skin care???  Well, we believe in treating ourselves right inside and out.  The link is tea.  Many of the same antioxidant benefits of tea you drink are available when tea is added to soaps and lotions and applied to the skin.

    We have handcrafted our own line of cold process soaps and lotions since 2006.  From the beginning, our soap crafter has included green tea extract in the soaps.  Over the years we have added to the catalog of lotions and creams.  Not all the skin care recipes include green tea extract, but they all offer wonderful moisturizing and skin nurturing benefits.  We use only vegetable oils, no petroleum or animal products.   Amazing oils such as coconut, ethically harvested palm, jojoba, avocado, Moroccan argan, carrot seed oil, cranberry seed oil, together with natural aloe vera gel, and silk amino acids are spread throughout.  When preservative is used, it is kept to less than 2%.  And we are glad to say we still add green tea extract to the soaps.

    We are particularly happy to announce the creation of Garret Shaving & Skin Care for Men.  This is a line of bespoke recipes using curated oils to offer luxurious handcrafted product for distinguished grooming.  You will find them under the Grooming section of our Skin Care menu.

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