White Tea

Matcha - Izu

When Japanese Buddhist monks needed a little help with long meditative sessions they turned to a ground form of tea we now know as Matcha. Grown on the Izu peninsula of Japan, our Izu Matcha produces a distinctive vegetable cup of tea with sweet notes but astringent undertones.  Produced from pure tea leaves called “tencha” which are shaded for 3 weeks prior to plucking, Izu Matcha has higher levels of Chlorophyll that gives the tea an emerald green color and grassy notes.

Having identified a high altitude Western Kenya tea with 3x the antioxidant value of regular green tea, our blender decided to add it to traditional Japan Izu.  The result not only increases the antioxidant level significantly, it also takes the bitter edge off the intense profile of traditional Matchas.  This Matcha has a rich green colour, and yields a jammy-like smoothness with a satisfying well-rounded cup.  The addition of white tea slightly rounds off the sharp bitter edge of traditional Matcha.

NOTE: As with most teas, Matcha may take many forms. Most have a deep Jade green colour.  The addition of Kenya white tea gives our Matcha a pale olive green colour.  This lighter colour is the result of the white tea added, not lack of freshness. 

40 gram tin

Growing altitude of all teas: 500 to 6500 feet above sea level.

Brewing instructions:

  1. Warm your matcha bowl by filling it half full of hot water. When bowl is warm, empty water.
  2. Measure out the amount of matcha you wish (see note 6 below for quantities), sift to remove any clumps, and place the tea in the bottom of your matcha bowl.  .
  3. Let your water come to 160-180 degrees F (just below boiling) and pour over matcha. (See note 6 below for quantities)
  4. Take matcha bowl in one hand and use whisk in a "W" zig-zag pattern in center of matcha bowl to whip until matcha has a thick foam with many tiny bubbles on top.  Note: use your wrist, not your arm.
  5. Drink before the tea has a chance to settle to bottom of matcha bowl.
  6. Quantities: for Usucha or "thin" matcha, use 2 bamboo matcha scoops (about 1/2 tsp) of matcha to 2.5 ounces (about a quarter cup) of water.  For Koicha or "thick" matcha, use three bamboo matcha scoops of tea to 1 1/2 ounces of water.  (About twice to amount of tea to half the amount of water used for "thin" method.)  Note: since Usucha style is much thicker, the goal is a well blended cup with minimal froth, so whisk slower but be very thorough in your blending.

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