Natural grooming products.  We handcraft each of these products and use them exclusively ourselves.  We created the Aromatica and the Garrett Shaving & Skin Care for Men lines because we could not find the kinds of preservative free, natural products we want for our own use.  Our mission is to provide luxurious alternatives for distinguished grooming. 

These are all bespoke blends made from curated oils.  Step up from the grocery store and box store mass produced petroleum products and experience distinguished grooming with the best oils to nourish your skin and beard.

And for goodness sake stop applying aluminum and chemicals to skin.  Use our aluminum free, paraben free, preservative free coconut oil, beeswax, baking soda, and arrowroot powder deodorant.  You'll love it.  We've been handcrafting it for a year and it's all we use ourselves.  It works!