Innovation = Energy Savings at tea gardens

June 27, 2014

Are you feeling the pinch at the gas pumps, on your hydro bill, and gas bill?  Imagine what it would be like to run a tea production plant. The costs for tea producers are rising too.

The good news is that the price increase is motivating change!  Here are two examples of tea producers going green:

In Kenya, Williamson Tea, manages 4 tea estates. They have completed installation of a 1500 KW solar array to provide for the energy needs at one plantation. Despite the initial costs involved, imagine the positive effects on the ecology and their costs when they no longer need to hire a fuel truck to bring in fuel. Guess how long the distance is to the fuel plant?  FOUR DAYS!  The plan is to build solar arrays at each of their tea gardens.

In Darjeeling, a small grower has installed a water driven turbine to generate hydroelectricity and capitalize on the power of a nearby waterway.


My tea is tasting better already!

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