April 13, 2017

New Teas!

Cherry Cardamom Green: delightful blend of organic green sencha, sekura cherry, and hand crushed cardamom.  Nuts 4 You: chocolately caramel blend with a kiss of tart hibiscus.  Decaf Black Currant: one of the best tasting teas ever - caffeine or not.  You will give up caffeine with this tea but won't give up flavour AT ALL!

Healthy Eating: Barley, Cheese & Onion winter warmup

The perfect storm was the perfect time to try out some alternative uses for an old fashioned grain; barley! 

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Dark Rose Tea Hearts for Valentine's Day

Do you struggle with finding something special for Valentines Day that isn't flowers or chocolate?  If you are searching for the perfect Valentine for your sweet heart, you will love these little pressed tea hearts.

Yes - you heard that right!   Tea pressed into hearts, made with dark tea and rose petals to deliver a rich tea taste with a light floral rose finish.  Legend has it that this tea is associated with a Tibetan warlord, a princess, a forced marriage and rose petals.  

Sounds like tears turned to smiles for a happy ending.  Make sure your Valentine knows you chose to avoid the tears and live happily ever after.

A dark tea from Hunan province (China), with a very smooth medium to full-bodied taste and a delicious dusty rose flavor and aroma. Contains dark tea and rose petals.

Use one heart in a mug (6-12 oz) and briefly steep for 1-2 minutes

Alternately use one heart in a 12-20 oz pot and steep 2-4 minutes.

This tea can be re-steeped multiple times, presenting a different character with each infusion.

Packed 10 hearts per foil pouch $11.95  click below

January 28, 2017

it's baaaaack .... Earl of Raspberry

Earl of Raspberry was a popular addition to our menu a few years ago when we first found it made by Amy, our favourite Washington blender.  Fast forward to 2016 when Amy sold her business and the nicest thing we can say about the new owner is "not our cup of tea".  This lead to some sad faces when we were unable to supply this popular blend :(

We have been making our own version for the (determined) fans and have been told that our house blend is even better than the original. 

We decided to test the new blend at last Thursday's Bin It or Buy It event and we were thrilled with the response. And yes those are actually freeze dried raspberries you see!

So we are happy to  announce that the Earl is back ... no more sad faces :)

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Aromatica 2016 Iced Tea Collection

Living in Southern BC is wonderful at this time of year!  With a garden in glorious bloom and the first strawberries ripening on our deck, we are grateful for the coming of summer.  Hot, bright sun and working in the garden requires thirst quenching teas to keep us hydrated and cool.

... drum roll please ...  Introducing the 2016 Iced Tea Collection

Introductory Special $20


the magic in Black Magic Mint

When you blend tea and get reactions like this ... it is very exciting!

Check out the five leaf rating!

February 05, 2016

Valentines Day is coming ... this year be a star ... get them what they really want!

Did someone say Chocolate?

Did someone say Rogers Chocolates?

Did someone say chocolate needs TEA? 

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